Community Service

Medical Masks directions!

Please note: Supplies show two different pieces of fabric.  Subsequent photos show only one –directions still apply.

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June 2020 Workshop Sampllings

 Knots of Love, http://www.knotsoflove.orgis a national charity organization, providing information and directions for knitting and/or crocheting patterns for a variety of causes.  Below is a sampling of their patterns.

Please look at the recommended yarn list, especially for cancer and baby projects.



Click on any photo for directions.  The recipients will be so grateful for your time and efforts.


Simple Community Service Quilts — click on any photo for PDF directions.

SLK Baby Hat
Premie Hat
Knitted Slippers
Crayon Quilt
Broken Nine Patch
Rail Fence Sew a thon
Tossed Coin Quilt

Recent Community Service Contributions!

Community Service continues to be a vital part of CBQ.  Click on any photo for larger image.

The question arises frequently about quilt sizes needed.  

Listed below is  the size range for each quilt type:


        Wheelchair:      34″ – 36″ long and 34″ – 36″ wide.  Bottom corners are cut off at a diagonal ( 7″ each way ) so the quilt does not catch in the wheels.


         Lap:                48″ – 60″ wide and 54″ –  76″ long.  


         Fidget:           Wheelchair to lap size.  Textured fabric, sewn on pockets, buttons, zippers, etc for tactile experience


         Crib:              36″ – 45″ wide and 45″ – 54″ long 


         Baby:            36″ x 36″  One request is for flannel receiving blankets – 2 layers of flannel only.


         Doll:              20″ to 25″ each way.  No batting.


         Santa Claus, Inc:  Quilts sized at  about 40″ x 60″.  Cotton only.  Think unisex, but any child theme is marvelous.

Knit or crochet blankies, 36” are most welcome.


         Twin:            56″ – 64″ wide and 84″ to 100″ long.  As of now, Salvation Army seems to be the only one needing twin quilts.


Remember that fabrics must be machine washable, preferably cotton.  Many recipient organizations ask that no metallics are used.  Some also require the quilt is quilted, not tied.  And please affix a CBQ label before your quilt is handed to Community Services.