Friendship Star Ornament Exchange

friendshipstarBarbara Maineri

The theme at the installation of officers in July was “Friendship”. Let’s carry that throughout the year and express our friendship by making and giving these at the CBQ holiday Nov./Dec. luncheon. The stars are quick & fun to make, so make several. Use any light and dark colors that look good together.

Fabric: Light and dark scraps or fat quarters; 6 inches of 1/4” or 1/8” wide
ribbon; batting scraps
Cut : Background fabric: 4 @ 2 inches square
2 @ 2 ½ inches square
Star fabric: 1 @ 2 inches square
2 @ 2 ½ inches square Light colored backing fabric: 5 inches square
Batting: 4 ½ inches square

Make half square triangles:
Place 2 ½ inch star fabric and background fabric face to face. Draw diagonal line from corner to corner. Stitch a scant ¼ inch on each side of line. Cut on drawn line. Press to dark side and square to 2 inches.

Lay out star design as shown above. Flip 2nd vertical row to 1st vertical row and sew together using ¼ inch seams.

Open rows 1 and 2 and flip 3rd vertical row to 2nd vertical row and sew together.

Stitch horizontal rows 1 to 2 then 2 to 3.

Press and square block to about 5 inches.

For the hanger: Fold ribbon in half. On front of ornament, place folded ribbon diagonally in one corner with ends in seam allowance and fold pointing towards center of star. Tack ribbon on ends in seam allowance.

Place backing on front of star with right sides together. Place batting on top of backing. Sew around edges leaving about 2 inches on one side for turning. Trim corners and edges as needed then turn to right side. Stitch opening close by hand (or machine) and press.

Write with permanent pen on back: CBQ, Friendship Star, Your Name, 2014.
Quilt around star or as desired.
Bring to Nov/Dec guild meeting to give/swap with friends.
Questions? See me at guild or call or email. Barbara Maineri, I’m in the CBQ Directory.