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When we wonder whether or not the “little” project started by Citrus Belt Quilt Guild, Redlands, California, in August 2004 to honor the fallen from Iraq and Afghanistan makes a difference, we need just to read notes like this one, sent to Carol Smith, the North Carolina Coordinator and Don Beld, National Coordinator:

Don and Carol,

Our family received the precious quilt from your organization, the Gunboat Ladies of North Carolina, Home of the Brave Quilt Project.  We were touched that someone would do something so kind for us, not even knowing us!

We have passed on the quilt, of course, to our beloved daughter-in-law, Michelle Thresher Taylor, who is with her parents in Tampa, Florida, and new son Jake, our only grandson, trying to recover from this nightmare.  My husband mailed it UPS and she should be having the joy of viewing it today.

I have read your information and copied it for my mother and myself.  I teach US history in the Depart. of Defense Overseas Schools and am fascinated with your organization.  I am deeply touched not just by the hundreds of thousands quilts made during the Civil War, but that you would carry on the tradition.  Please know that ever how much time was spent on this, it was worth every single minute.  I am going to do a project with my 8th graders when I get back to London where I teach the kids of the US military stationed around London.  It will involve the quilts and the history.

Can you please tell me if it is possible to BUY a quilt from your organization?  Because this is such a special activity you do, and because we are such patriots, I would love to purchase a quilt from you, IF that is possible. That being said, I am also thinking that your group of volunteers makes these for the next-of-kin of the fallen, and that you are probably doing well to even have enough to share in that manner.  If you do not have any extras that I could buy, I insist on making a donation anyway, so that you can kindly continue this great work to help other families feel better.  Please give me your address so that I can send a check to help you carry on this work.

Michelle is a marvelous human being who will appreciate and adore and treasure your work so much.  She is having a terrible time dealing with this loss, as David was within days of coming home from Baghdad.  We will eventually climb out of this nightmare and torture, by holding hands and moving forward together with the help of thoughtful new friends like you.  Baby Jake was 12 days old when David Jr. last saw his only son and our only grandchild, as ‘he’ came from Iraq to be present for his birth.   I am temporarily here in Apex with my husband, David Sr., where David Jr. is buried in the Baptist Church cemetery, near my mother’s home where I grew up.  My husband and I attended NC State as did John, our younger son–and David Jr. went to Davidson College.

Sincerely Kay Taylor, Department of Defense Overseas Schools, London, England.

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