Community Service

Community service got off to a great start this year with all the wonderful contributions from our CBQ members! We received 7 quilts, 7 lap quilts, 3 fidget quilts, 3 crib quilts, 15 hats, 7 pillowcases, 6 stuffed animals, 11 scrunchies, 7 baby rattles, 1 pair of slippers, 1 poncho, 1 hoodie, and 6 sweaters for a total of 75 items! Thank you all for your donations and hard work. At the meeting, we distributed 6 quilts to Camp Esperanza and 44 items to Santa Claus, Inc.

I also want to thank all the ladies who grabbed up the Camp Esperanza kits at the Community Service table. When they are returned, I will quilt them and Tricia will bind them. Talk about team work! We also received some 12 1⁄2 “ squares and will gladly accept more for the camp quilts. So, if you have fabric you think you’ll never get around to using, think squares!

After our January CBQ meeting, I went to Marguerette’s house to pick up 4 bins of fabulous fabric that she has so graciously donated to Community Service. I’m in the process of sorting through the fabric by color and pattern theme. Marguerette has asked that the fabric be used for Community Service projects, so if any of our members would like to make a scrappy quilt or panel quilt to donate, please let me know. The range of colors is magnificent!!

Tricia is working on an updated list of charities and we hope to have a new list posted at our next CBQ meeting in February. If you know of a charity that you would like added to the list, please give us the information at Community Service so we can check it out. It will be presented at the next Board Meeting for approval.

Remember to pick up your label(s) for your Community Service quilts. We have them at the table, cut and ready to sew on.

Making and donating a community service project is a great way to share your skills and creativity with those in need. Many of the instructions below are in PDF format. You will need Adobe Reader to open these documents. Get Adobe Reader.

Pillowcases (PDF)

Turtle Pillow Instructions for The Painted Turtle Camp (PDF)
Turtle Pillow Pattern (PDF)

Alzheimer’s Fidget Quilts

Pet Beds

Walker Tote Bag

Wheelchair Quilt Pattern